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Ecosystem Solver in action

Step 1
Separate the species into three groups based on their location parameter.

Step 2
Input data for producers across the 3 groups.
Following that, our Solver will automatically suggest the best group.

Step 3
Input data for animals in the chosen group.
After that, our Solver will automatically suggest the best combination.

If you want to build the food chain with the other groups, you can always go back to do that.

What we offer

Hacking McKinsey Solve is a seamless solution through the use of tokens. 

Each product contains 1 TOKEN which grants you access to the Solver tool for 1 TIME.

FREE practice data sets of 39 diverse species (9 Producers & 30 Animals) 100% simulating the real McKinsey format will also help you get familiar before the actual test.


Hacking McKinsey Solve

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 steps to use the Ecosystem Solver as we mentioned above. In addition, we also provide a more detailed instruction to help new users run it. You can find it here!

All practice data sets are FREE. You can click on the “Practice Data Sets” section on the navigation bar to access the page, and download the PDF file that we attached. Then, you can use that data sets to practice with the Solver tool.

We regularly collect data through research and test-takers’ feedback. Therefore, when there are any changes in McKinsey Ecosystem, we will update our Solver tool to ensure it match exactly the logic of the latest version.