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Ecosystem Solver

Automatically provides the best solutions

Solve Ecosystem Building in less than 15 minutes effortlessly, freeing up your valuable time for the Redrock Study Task

Match exactly the McKinsey Ecosystem logic with advanced algorithms and a user-friendly interface

49 $

Product description

This product contains 1 token (or 1 time accessing the Ecosystem Solver). 

Please note that each token expires after 2 hours of use, whether you end the session or not .

How to use

Step 1: Separate the species into three groups based on their location parameter.

Step 2: Input data for producers accross the 3 groups. 

Following that, our Solver will automatically suggest the best group.

Step 3: Input data for animals in the chosen group.

After that, our Solver will automatically suggest the best combination.

If you want to build the food chain with the two other groups, you can always go back to do that.

Read more about the Solver in our article here!